Microwave Charcoal Filter 8.7” x 6.23”- JX81B WB02X10733 GE Microwave Filter Replacement- Carbon Charcoal Filter for Microwave Filters Kitchen Air - Microwave Hood Vent Filter Absorbs Odors

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  • FRESHEN THE KITCHEN AIR: This GE microwave filter replacement is a charcoal filter for microwave and absorbs odors through the activated charcoal layer which is a natural odor eliminator.
  • ODOR ELIMINATION: This over-the-range microwave charcoal filter will freshen up a kitchen even with a ductless microwave because activated charcoal is a natural odor eliminator and moisture absorber.
  • STRONG AND TOUGH: Our microwave vent filter is strongly built for long-lasting use and this ge microwave filters replacement is made of superior quality materials to ensure maximum satisfaction.
  • ENHANCED ODOR ELIMINATION: We enhanced this charcoal filter for microwave hood with an extra thick layer of charcoal to enable better odor elimination than the average microwave vent hood filter.
  • PERFECT REPLACEMENT: This 8.7” x 6.23” inch GE microwave carbon filter replacement perfectly replaces the JX81B WB02X10733 GE charcoal microwave filter for non-ducted microwaves.
  • PERFECT FIT: This JX81B WB02X10733 GE Microwave Filter Replacement will fit GE microwave fan filters, please contact us if you are unsure if this charcoal filter microwave GE will fit your model.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This GE filter for microwave replacement is super simple and easy to install, open the piece on top of the microwave and insert the microwave oven charcoal filter.
  • WITHSTANDS HEAT: This microwave hood charcoal replacement filter is a solidly built filter that will hold its own no matter what you throw at it and will effectively filter the kitchen air.
  • TRUST THE BEST: With over a decade of experience in all types of filters. and a reputation of customer satisfaction and top-notch service, discerning customers have made us their brand of choice.


Bagean microwave vent charcoal filter on counter
The microwave carbon vent filter traps odors in the kitchen from cooking

The microwave charcoal filter replacement is a perfect replacement part

The microwave filter replacement charcoal carbon filter sits on a counter in the kitchen

The charcoal filter replacement for microwave sits on a stage 
Brand Bagean
Material Aluminum
Item Weight 0.04 Pounds