Microwave Filter replacement 6.81" x 6.34" Fits GE WB02X11534 Samsung DE63-00666A Microwave Grease Filter - Freshens and Filters Kitchen Air Entering the Over-the-Range Oven Stove Fan

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  • FRESH AIR: This GE microwave filter replacement ensures your kitchen is well-ventilated by ensuring your microwave vent fan is functioning at top capacity by trapping grease in the filter.
  • STRONG AND TOUGH: Our microwave hood vent filter is made strong and will hold its own with constant use and the GE microwave oven filter replacement frame is reinforced to resist bending out of shape.
  • ENHANCED FILTRATION: Our microwave grease filter is expertly constructed and enhanced to be thicker than the industry standard enabling our microwave vent filter to stop more grease from entering.
  • PERFECT REPLACEMENT: This 6.81" x 6.34" microwave filter exactly replaces the GE WB02X11534 and Samsung DE63-00666A microwave filters.
  • PROTECT YOUR MICROWAVE: This GE microwave filters replacement will protect your over-range filter for microwave and ensure it stays functioning at top capacity by blocking grease from entering.
  • PERFECT FIT: This GE microwave grease filter will fit the kitchen microwave stove vent perfectly please contact us if you are unsure if this microwave oven grease filter will fit your specific model.
  • PLEASING AESTHETIC: Made with shiny aluminum and with a nice symmetrical pattern these microwave replacement filters will give an appealing and sophisticated look to your kitchen microwave.
Strong and tough microwave grease vent filter replacement
More layers of mesh added to the microwave grease filter

Perfect replacement metal mesh microwave vent filter

Filters the kitchen stove oven air and makes it inviting

Bagean stove oven microwave hood filter 
Brand Bagean
Material Aluminum
Item Weight 141 Grams