Microwave Plate Replacement 12.75 inch Fits GE WB49X10129 and WB49X10074 Microwave Glass Plate - Exactly Replaces the Microwave Turntable Plate Oven Spinning Dish Tray for Better Reheating and Cooking

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  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Crafted with high-quality materials this GE replacement microwave glass plate is built to last ensuring your replacement glass for microwave with durability and reliability.
  • STURDY AND SOLID: This microwave turntable plate is manufactured solidly so no matter what you throw at it this microwave replacement glass plate will continue to perform at its best.
  • GUARANTEED FIT: This 12 3/4 Inch (12.76") GE microwave glass plate will replace your microwave cooking plate but make sure to measure the size of the three notches of the coupler.
  • PERFECT REPLACEMENT: This GE microwave plate replacement will also replace microwave glass plate part numbers WB49X10061 WB49X10074 WB49X10067 and WB49X10225.
  • HEAT RESISTANT TEMPERED GLASS: This GE microwave tray replacement is crafted from heat-resistant tempered glass ensuring the microwave dish replacement can endure high temperatures and hot food.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The smooth surface of this replacement glass microwave plate makes it easy to clean the GE microwave glass turntable plate and it is also dishwasher safe.
  • FOOD SAFE: This GE microwave replacement plate is food safe ensuring your and your family's safety when using this microwave glass plate replacement.
  • OIL RESISTANT: This GE microwave replacement tray is oil resistant protecting the microwave spinning plate from sticky residue and making it easier to clean.
  • EVEN HEATING: Microwave replacement turntables ensure even heating across the entire surface of the GE glass plate replacement so you enjoy your food the way it was meant to be.
  • TRUST THE BEST: With over a decade of experience in glass microwave plates and a reputation for customer satisfaction discerning customers have made us their brand of choice.